Our Emotions in the Time of Pandemic

Our Emotions in the Time of Pandemic

This pandemic may be one of the most unexpected and challenging seasons for most of us because of its devastating effects. Would you agree? 

We will not already enumerate the numerous things that happened to our country and to the world because it may not be helpful if we will dwell on these things. 

Instead, let's learn how to properly deal with our emotions. I'm sure this pandemic allowed you to feel a lot of emotions that you have never experienced before (and for some, all at the same time). 

With this, here are some tips on how to help you properly deal with your emotions during this time: 

1. Acknowledge your Emotions 

How do you feel right now? How's your heart?

For us to learn how to properly deal with our emotions, we have to recognize them first.

We have to be honest. 

If we choose to keep aside our emotions, time will come when it will be very heavy for us already. If we fail to acknowledge our true emotions regarding our situation, it may affect our relationships, our self-esteem, our mental and emotional state, and our well-being. 

Our emotions are valid because we are all in a season that is very new and challenging for all of us.

You are not the only one experiencing it. You are not alone. 

Also, acknowledging your emotions does not mean you are weak. In fact, a person who acknowledges his/her true emotions is a strong person for being able to courageously admit to himself/herself how he/she truly feels. 

2. Be Stronger than your Emotions

Yes, people who acknowledge their emotions are strong but this does not mean that your emotions are stronger than you. 

Yes, emotions are valid but not all are beneficial to your well-being.

Acknowledge your emotions but do not dwell on them too much. It is not healthy. 

Think of a way on how you can win over your emotions.

  • Look for activities that may help relax your mind and release your negative emotions such as exercise, meditation, art activities, worship or calming songs, and many more. Choose what's best for you! 
  • Fill yourself with positive thoughts by looking at the brighter side of things.
  • Fill yourself with God's Word that brings hope, peace, and light to us especially during these trying times. 

3. Look for a Listening Ear

If you are really having a difficult time dealing with your emotions and if your emotions are too much to bear, it may be best to seek help from people whom you can trust. Be honest and transparent about your emotions. 

These are the people who may understand you. It may be your family, friends, loved ones, and spiritual family. Go to them and tell them about how you truly feel. There are also times when you need a listening ear to be able to release your emotions. 

Also, you may seek professional help from guidance counselors and your spiritual mentors. I am sure they will be of great help to you! 

And most importantly, there is someone who fully understands us more than how we understand ourselves. It's our Heavenly Father who loves us so much.

We are fully known and loved by Him through Jesus Christ. 

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." -John 3:16

He is just waiting for us to come to Him every day. 

If you need prayers or someone to talk to during this time, feel free to message us as well. We would love to pray for you! 

We hope that our simple tips helped you find hope and light during this season.  



We have also prepared an Emotions Calendar that could help you, your children and your loved ones to have a better understanding of your/their emotions.





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