To the Best Father in the World

To the Best Father in the World

This coming Father's Day, I am sure that we are already thinking of ways on how to show our love to our beloved fathers or grandfathers. So here are some quick tips on how to know the things that they like: 

1. Know their favorites and pet peeves

This will allow you to know the things that will make them happy and the things that they do not like. It is for you to decide which things will you use to surprise him. 

2. Know their love language (receiving)

How does your father like to receive love? Is it through words of affirmation? Is it through service? Is it through hugs and kisses? Is it through quality time? Or is it through gifts?

After knowing his love language, it will be easier for you to know the best way to spend Father's Day with him. 

Suggested gifts according to each love language: 

  • Words- Handwritten Letter/ Video Greeting Compilation
  • Service- Help your Dad with the Household Chores or serve him delicious meals! 
  • Physical - Bunch of hugs and kisses/ Free massage
  • Time- Movie marathon/Boardgame night
  • Gifts- Special gift/surprise that he likes 

3. Know their Story 

It will be easier for you to know your dad's likes as well when you know his story. By asking questions, it will help you learn the challenges and victories that he has experienced. By doing so, it will make you realize that your dad is really awesome and amazing! 


After sharing with you these simple tips, I would like to greet the 

BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD (for me and my siblings of course!) a

Happy, Happy Father's Day! 

We would like to thank you for all your sacrifice and love for all of us. We are beyond blessed to have a very responsible, loving, funny, and talkative father like you. Thank you for everything! May you remember that we are always here for you. We love you so much. We are so grateful for your life. Praying that you will always be filled with God's love, peace, joy, grace, and presence. He has wonderful plans for you, Daddy. We love you so much. Saranghae! 

And I am pretty sure that for you as well, you will do whatever it takes to show your love for your best father in the world! 

Happy Father's Day to all dads and grandfathers in the world! :) 


 We have also prepared special printables that you may give as a gift to your beloved Daddy and Grandfather. :) 

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