International Friendship Day Celebration Ideas (Virtual Party Themes)

International Friendship Day Celebration Ideas (Virtual Party Themes)

This coming July 30 is UN's International Day of Friendship that aims to promote peace among countries and cultures. We may be diverse in so many ways but this celebration will hopefully help countries to have harmonious relationships with one another.  

Due to the crisis that the world is currently facing nowadays, it may be difficult for all of us to celebrate it personally. To address this, we have prepared different virtual party themes that you may adapt to celebrate International Friendship Day and other special events with your family, friends, and loved ones! 

1. Lego Party

Make the tallest tower using your legos! You may also create wonderful structures using your legos and show it to your friends via video call. 

2. Disney Party

Dress up in your favorite Disney princess/prince costume. You may also watch your favorite Disney movies with your friends via Rave or any online movie watching app. 

3. Safari Party 

What's your favorite jungle animal? Make your favorite jungle animal mask together. Draw, color, and cut your favorite animal on a cardboard/folder. Put a garter/rubber band on the side so you can wear it on your Safari Party! You may play Safari games such as guessing the animal sound, charades, Pictionary, and many more. 

4. Netflix Party 

Grab your popcorn and favorite movies for a Netflix Party with your friends! You may list down two movies that you would like to watch together. After the movie, you may talk about your favorite lines/scenes in the movie. You may also share the important lesson that you have learned from the movie. 

5. Tea Party or Milktea Party

Your favorite book and tea/milk tea make a perfect combination! Read a book with your friends and have a book review afterward while having a sip of your tea or milk tea. 


6. Superhero Party 

Who would not love superheroes? Dress up in your favorite superhero! Show your creativity in making your wonderful costume. Look for available clothes and materials at home. Surprise your friends and loved ones with your specially designed costume! You may do pretend-play with your friends while saying the lines of your favorite superhero. 

7. Detective Party 

List your most troubling questions. Once you gather with your friends, decide three to five questions that you will explore. Using the net, act as detectives to find answers to your questions. It will be easier to find answers when you help one another in solving life's mysteries. 

8. Pajama Party 

It's time to wear your favorite pajamas! Turn off the lights, bring out your flashlights and lamps, and have an exciting pajama party with your friends. You may also read short stories, sing lullabies, and tell funny stories with your friends. 

9. Exercise Party 

Let's get healthy together! It is now time to wear your shoes, move, and exercise. You may look for exercise videos on Youtube that you can do and follow together. It will surely be more motivating and fun to exercise with your friends!  

10. Videoke Party 

Who loves to sing? Ready your wonderful singing voices and pretend-microphones (such as your comb, remote etc.) List songs that you would love to sing with your friends. Enjoy! 

11. Dance Party 

Let's dance! Look for dance videos on Youtube and share the video with your friends so you can dance together. You may also share your Tiktok dancing videos. 

12. Yoga Party 

Yoga is one of the best ways to relax your mind and body. Watch and follow a yoga video with your friends. Have a relaxing time with your friends! 

13. Baking Party 

What do you like to bake with your friends? Gather your ingredients and it's now time to bake together! Feel free to ask questions to each other on how to do each step. Learn from each other and enjoy your baking time with your friends. 

14. Robot Party 

How will it look if all of us talk like a robot? Play charades and other games with your friends while talking and moving like a robot. It will surely be fun and exciting!

15. I Spy Party 

It's now time to train your eyes and body! Who do you think will be the fastest? List things that can be found at home. Each person will say three to five objects that others have to look for. The first person to be able to see that object will get a point. The person with the highest number of points is the winner! 

16. Glamping 

Wear your camping attire and let's go on camping with our friends! You may make s'mores together. You may also share funny and scary stories with your friends. 

17. Hawaiian Party 

Open your closet and get your clothes with wonderful floral design. You may eat barbeque and delicious fruits together. You may also play Hawaiian games such as Kumu hula says (Simon Says), Pictionary, charades, and many more. You may also dance to Hawaiian songs with your friends! 

18. Halloween Party 

Who will be the scariest of them all? Wear your Halloween costume and show it to your friends. You may also eat and drink Halloween-themed food such as red juice, pumpkin soup, and bloody spaghetti. You may also watch a scary movie together. Have fun! 


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