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FUN Water activities For Kids

FUN Water activities For Kids

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FUN Water activities For Kids

Something about water just fascinates kids. The way the water feels and moves is a constant source of wonder for kids. Here are four activities to harness that fascination, either outside in the yard or inside over the kitchen sink.

Painting with Water

Kids love seeing how colors get darker when they paint over them with water. If the weather permits, take them outside, hand them a paintbrush and a bucket of water, and let them paint the house. Some kids also enjoy painting the sidewalk.

FUN Water activities For Kids

For indoor adaptation, present kids with a craft paintbrush and differently colored pieces of paper. Watch them get creative as they make patterns with their brush and point out how the colors "change."

FUN Water activities For Kids


Dropping Rocks into Water

Kids enjoy throwing stones into a creek or lake, so why not bring the fun to your own backyard or kitchen? Fill up the kitchen sink or a bucket in the backyard with water and let them toss in rocks.

FUN Water activities For Kids

FUN Water activities For Kids

Encourage their inner scientist with questions. What happens to the size of the splash when you drop the rocks from high up rather than close to the bucket? Try dropping in other objects like toys, leaves, sticks, or kitchen utensils. Do they float or sink?

Kitchen Utensil Water Play

Either outside with a large basin of water or indoors in the bathtub, provide kids with containers in a variety of shapes and sizes, along with kitchen supplies like sponges, basters, colanders, whisks, measuring cups, and funnels.

FUN Water activities For Kids
Kids can experiment with moving the water from one place to another with the various implements. They also might like mixing up a pretend "treat," adding ingredients like bath toys (inside) or leaves or grass (outside).

Break the Ice

Use large containers like 9"x13" pans, bundt cake pans, and mixing bowls to make giant blocks of ice. Food coloring can be added to the water beforehand if desired. Freeze in layers, adding toys every so often. When you are finished, you'll have a block of ice with toys "trapped" inside.

FUN Water activities For Kids

Take kids outside and tell them to bang away with a plastic hammer or other object to free the toys! It helps to let the ice melt a little first to soften it. For indoor play, place the ice block in a sink or bathtub.

FUN Water activities For Kids
Summer is a great time to take kids outside for these water games, but these activities can be adapted for indoor use at any time of the year. Kids always love to play with water, so these activities are sure to be a hit.

FUN Water activities For Kids

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FUN Water activities For Kids

FUN Water activities For Kids


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