Fine Motor Activities for Kids

Fine Motor Activities for Kids

There are several ways children can enjoy their time with their family while having fun and developing their fine motor skills at the same time. 

Also, the materials that will be used in these activities are usually found at home. So be resourceful and creative by using the available materials at home. 

Here are some activities that can help improve your child's fine motor skills: 

1. Write a Letter or Draw Family

Let your child show his/her love for his/her family through a letter and drawing. It will surely touch your heart! 

2. Make a Family Tree

Help your child learn more about his/her family by making a family tree. Cut and stick pictures of your family members and decorate your family tree. 

3. Create Family Puppets

This will be a fun activity as your child make a puppet out of old cardboard/boxes. It will also show your child's creativity and wide imagination as he/she creates his/her story while playing with the puppets with your family. 

4. Cut and Form Family Puzzles

Print and cut a family picture to create puzzle pieces that your child can form. Your child will surely be amazed once he/she is done completing your family puzzle.

5. Paint Family and your Favorite Places

What places do you enjoy going to with your family? This will be a wonderful time to reminisce about your precious memories with your child as he/she puts his/her moments with you into a beautiful painting. 

6. String Beads to make a Bracelet as a Gift 

How sweet it is for a child to make a bracelet for his family? Using strings and beads, your child can make a bracelet for your family! 

7. Mold Clay 

Another way of developing your child's fine motor skills is through the molding of clay. This is also another way of letting your child use his/her wide imagination. 

8. Bake Cookies for Family

This will definitely be a fun and exciting activity for kids and their families! They will not only enjoy the process of baking together but also the baked goods that they will be able to make. Delicious! 

9. Build your Family's House using Lego

Your child may be an architect or an engineer in the future through this activity. How would your child design your house using legos? I am sure you are pretty curious! 



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