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10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

Summertime is here!

It's time to go to the beach, visit our relatives in the province, and enjoy our time with our families. Oops! We could not do the exciting activities that we usually do during the summer because of the threat brought by the virus. 

We are in a time when it is best to stay at home for our and our family's safety and protection but this does not mean that we could not already have fun in the comforts of our home. Do you know that summer may still be fun and exciting? 

We have prepared ten fun summer indoor activities for children and also for kids-at-heart! 

1. Chores Challenge

10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

Summer can be extra meaningful, productive, and fulfilling for children as they learn how to do household chores at home. Parents may encourage children to do one chore a day. It may start from a simple task such as setting the table, watering the plants, and fixing his/her bed. Your child may also help in washing/wiping the dishes, doing the laundry, hanging the clothes, cooking/baking, sweeping and mopping the floor, and segregating the trash. Truly, there are several chores that your child can do, with your guidance and assistance. Also, every time he/she accomplishes a task, a sweet reward may be given to your child to motivate him/her more.

2. Little Chef Challenge

10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

Your child will definitely love this challenge as much as his/her tummy would! List down seven desserts or food that you and your child would love to bake or cook. Help your child make one dish/dessert per day. At the end of the challenge, a little chef badge that is specially designed by you may be given to your child.

3. I Spy Game

10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

This well-known game may be done with a twist! List down 20 objects that may be found at home. After writing, drawing, and hiding them, have your child look
for them as fast as he/she can! You may also ask your child to find objects according to color, shape, or size. There will surely be a lot of things that your child's eyes can discover!

4. Bear Hunt

10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

This is a fun and exciting game that your child will definitely enjoy! Draw or print out bears. Hide as many bears around your house! It will also be a great time to read the book, "We're going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen, or listen to the song with the same title before this fun activity. Have your child count the number of bears that he/she has found. Gummy bears would be an exciting reward for your child after this game. 

5. Summer Fashion Show

10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

It's time to open your closet and look for your wonderful and bright summer clothes! Once everyone is already dressed up for the show, have each member walk confidently with their beautiful smile and summer clothes. It will also be a great idea to take pictures and play some summer songs during the show.

6. Summer Art Exhibit

10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

Every child has his or her own creative side. Using the available art materials in your house, let your child explore them to show his/her wide imagination. It will be
perfect to display your child's creativity through a summer art exhibit at home. You may also invite your relatives and friends online so they may see and enjoy your child's summer art exhibit

7. Truth or Dare

10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

Have each member write down funny questions and challenges on pieces of paper. Put the questions and challenges in two separate containers. Get a bottle and have your family sit around it and the person where the bottle cap is pointing at has to pick one truth that he/she has to honestly answer or one dare that he/she has to courageously do. This will surely be fun and exciting!

8. Letter-Writing 

10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

To show love for your family members in a sweet and heartwarming way, handwritten letters would be one of the best answers. Also, encourage your child to be as expressive and creative as possible in writing letters. Lastly, you may also make your own mailbox using old shoe boxes, colored papers, and magazines at home.

9. Shadow Play 

10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

Draw and cut animals, things, people, or anything that you and your child like on a folder and stick them on a stick. Turn off the lights and get ready for our fun shadow play! Use a flashlight or lamp to create amazing shadows using the shadow sticks that you made. You may also use your hands to create wonderful shadows. A guessing game or a make-up story will make your shadow play more thrilling!

10. Animal Puppet Show

10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

It's time to extract your child's creative juices as you and your child make beautiful animal puppets! Have your child draw, color, and cut his/her favorite animals on a folder. Once done, stick them on old pens or pencils and it's time to watch your child's amazing animal puppet show.

Enjoy! May these activities help you to have the most memorable, meaningful, and exciting summer with your family and loved ones. Stay safe and healthy always. 


10 Fun Summer Indoor Activities for Kids



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