Exciting Water Play Activities for Kids

Exciting Water Play Activities for Kids

Who would not miss going to the beach this summer?

Here are Fun and Exciting Water Play Activities for Kids!

I'm sure all of us wish that we are on the beach right now. This summer may be the most extraordinary summer that any person could ever have because of our current situation but may we remember that there are still a lot of things that we can do to make this summer extra special.

With this, here are ten fun water play activities that you and your child can enjoy at home: 

1. Amazing Boat Race 

Using colorful papers or old magazines, make your own colorful boat.
Put the boats in a basin with water and use a fan to make your boat reach the other end of the basin. Instead of blowing the boat, it will be safer to use a fan because of our current situation. 

2. Ocean Animals Puppet Show

Using old folders, draw and cut ocean animals and stick each animal on used pens or pencils. You may also cut ocean animals and stick them on a folder. Use any table for your stage. Be creative with your story for your puppet show!

3. Water Shadow Play

Draw and cut animals, trees, and anything under the sun on a folder. Put a lamp facing the water in a basin. Using the cutouts, create shadows and do fun

 4. Ice Painting 

Mix water with paint and pour the colored water into an ice tray. Once the ice cubes are frozen already, you can now use them to paint. This is a very fun sensorial activity for kids!

5. Rainbow Water Experiment

Use a dropper/syringe with no needle to get the paint and create some magic while combining colors on the paper. You may also sing a song like, "When you mix red and yellow, you make...."

6. Colorful Seashell Hunt

Draw, color, and cut your own seashells using old folders and hide them
around the house. The person to get the most number of colorful seashell
will be the winner!

7. Fun Carwash/Laundry Day 

This is a great time to teach your children how to help at home. Two of the fun and meaningful chores that they may learn are cleaning your car and doing the laundry with your help and guidance.

8. Musical Glass Bottles

Using a funnel, put water inside each glass bottle (in increasing amount). The glass bottle with the least amount of water makes the highest sound and the bottle with the most water makes the lowest sound. Using a pen gently hit the bottles and make wonderful sounds!

9. Sink and Float Activity 

Will the object sink or float? Put objects in a basket and have your child guess if the object will sink or float. Divide a paper into two and let your child draw the things that will sink and things that will float on the water. 

10. Water Spray Painting 

Using old water bottles, put different colors of paint and let your child paint a wall covered with old newspaper or old scratch papers using the spray bottles. Your child will surely be a creative painter in the comforts of your home!

These activities will definitely create fun and amazing memories with your child. Indeed, any situation will not hinder us from having a wonderful time with our family. We can still enjoy every second of our time as long as we are with our family, wherever we are and whatever situation we are in.

It is just a matter of shifting our perspective to what's important--our family's safety, protection, and well-being in these trying times. Stay safe and healthy always everyone! 

God is with us. God will help us... 

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Thanks for sharing. Definitely going to try a few of these.

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