FREE 80 Directed Drawing Mats Printable

FREE 80 Directed Drawing Mats Printable

 Drawing is essential for kids as it helps them develop their fine motor skills, improves their creativity and imagination, enhances their cognitive and emotional development, and provides a means of self-expression. Additionally, drawing can also be a fun and relaxing activity that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

"Directed drawing for kids" is a fun and educational activity that guides children step-by-step in creating a drawing. This method helps kids develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. During a directed drawing session, a teacher or parent provides verbal instructions on how to draw a picture while the children follow along. It's a great way to engage children in art and boost their confidence in their abilities.

Easily print this printable. We recommend that you put this in a binder or laminate it for durability. 

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directed drawing mats


Here's another alphabet practice for preschool, kindergarten students, and primary students! This is a fun way to learn how to draw things that start with each alphabet. Directed Drawing lets the students improve their creativity and improve following directions. Let the kids unleash and produce their own art! Kids are artists!


The kids will learn how to draw images step by step. Drawing Activity in the Classroom - Let the kids practice drawing each image. This Directed Drawing Worksheet can be used on homework, morning work, seatwork, literacy center, early finishers and more!


Font by: Kinder Pals (


B/W Printed worksheet: 80 pages (78 images + 2 drawing mats)


Instructions: Draw the images step by step.


This file includes:

Letter A: Acorn, Alligator and Apple.

Letter B: Banana, Bee and Butterfly.

Letter C: Castle, Car and Cow.

Letter D: Dinosaur, Dog Duck.

Letter E: Eel, Elephant and Exercise.

Letter F: Farm, Fish and Fox.

Letter G: Goat, Goose and Guitar.

Letter H: Hand, Hose and House.

Letter I: Ice Cream, Iguana and Invitation.

Letter J: Jam, Jellyfish and Jug.

Letter K: Kangaroo, Kettle and Kite.

Letter L: Leaf, Lemon and Lion.

Letter M: Mermaid, Moon and Mouse.

Letter N: Nest, Noodles and Nurse.

Letter O: Octopus, Open and Ostrich,

Letter P: Penguin, Pirate and Pizza.

Letter Q: Queen, Quick and Quill.

Letter R: Rainbow, Ring and Rocket.

Letter S: Snowman, Sock and Spider.

Letter T: Tape, Teddy Bear and Toaster.

Letter U: Umbrella, Under and Unicorn.

Letter V: Vase, Vegetables and Volcano.

Letter W: Walrus, Watermelon and Window.

Letter X: Box, Fix and X-Ray.

Letter Y: Yak, Yarn and Yogurt.

Letter Z: Zebra, Zip and Zoo.


Paper format: US LETTER SIZE


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