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Road Trip Activities for Kids

Road Trip Activities for Kids

Road Trip Activities for Kids

Taking a road trip with the family is always fun! However, there is one thing you will want to plan ahead for; getting the road trip activities for kids all planned out. You will want to have plenty of road trip activities that kids will enjoy doing so they do not get bored and rambunctious!

There are a lot of games and activities that can be done on a road trip. You can printout some fun printable games, plan various crafts to work on where you are visiting, or even makeup or take games that go well with car rides.

If you are in need of some ideas, these fun road trip activities will help keep kids busy and entertained during the trip!

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

A printable scavenger hunt that will keep kids busy on their next road trip. With this game, kids can try to find items that start with each letter of the alphabet.

Seashell Monsters

On your road trip, if you are traveling near the ocean or somewhere that kids can pick up seashells, this seashell craft is a great activity to promote fun and creativity!

Road Trip Activities for Kids

Restaurant I Spy Game

Everyone loves to play I Spy when it comes to road trips, this fun activity lets kids look for different restaurants as you are traveling.

Road Trip Activities for Kids

Road Trip Scavenger

Another fun and a creative scavenger hunt that the kids are sure to love! The themed travel images will have kids looking for all the fun items.


Road Trip Activities for Kids

 Fun Car Games

Car games are a must when traveling, it keeps the kids busy and their minds preoccupied to make a peaceful trip! These fun car games are always great for road trips.

Road Trip Printable Journal

A great way for kids to write down their memories and experiences, this printable road trip journal allows kids to write down how their day was, the places they visited and so much more.


Road Trip Activities for Kids


Road Trip Printable Binder Pages

These fun printable pages will put together a spread of different activities and games kids can do while they are traveling.

Road Trip Activities for Kids


License Plate Game

A family favorite for decades, this fun license plate game is always one that kids love to play during those long car rides.

Road Trip Activities for Kids


Glamping and Camping Wordsearch

While the themes are about glamping and camping, these are perfect for if you are taking a road trip that involves camping out or if you will be traveling by camper!


Road Trip Activities for Kids


Donut Activity Pack

A three-page printable that includes I Spy, tic-tac-toe and a fun word search to keep kids busy in the car. 


Beach Activity Pack

If you are traveling during the summer or you have plans to stop at the beach, this fun activity pack is perfect for taking along with you.

Road Trip Activities for Kids

Dry Erase Road Trip Activity Book

This fun activity book for kids includes a fun set of printable games that kids will love playing with while they are on the road!

Road Trip Activities for Kids



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Road Trip Activities

Road Trip Activities

Road Trip Activities

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