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All Year Lacing Cards For Kids Big Bundle (Preschool, Sped, Kindergarten, OT)

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If you're looking for a fun activity to help your kids develop their fine motor skills, consider introducing lacing cards! Lacing cards are simple but effective tools that help kids practice their hand-eye coordination, strengthen their hands and fingers, and improve their dexterity.


Lacing cards are usually made of thick cardboard with a pre-printed design. To complete the activity, your child uses a shoelace or yarn to lace through the pre-punched holes around the card. This is a great way to help your child learn how to tie knots and properly lace up shoes.


Practice the fine motor skills of your students or kids by doing this activity. This file includes lacing cards. Laminate for durability. Punch each hole and use lace for this activity.


Please be reminded that the sizes of the images are not the same (SIZES MAY VARY). The holes on each lacing card do not have the same distance on each other. Please let me know if you are having any issue/s.


  1. January - Winter Lacing Cards
  2. February - Valentine's Day Lacing Cards
  3. March - St. Patrick's Day Lacing Cards
  4. April - Easter Lacing Cards
  5. May - Spring Lacing Cards
  6. June - Cinco De Mayo Lacing Cards
  7. July - Summer Lacing Cards
  8. August - Back to School Lacing Cards
  9. September - Lacing Cards
  10. October - Halloween Lacing Cards
  11. November - Thanksgiving Lacing Cards
  12. December - Christmas Lacing Cards


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All Year Lacing Cards For Kids Big Bundle (Preschool, Sped, Kindergarten, OT)
All Year Lacing Cards For Kids Big Bundle (Preschool, Sped, Kindergarten, OT)


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